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Below is my report of the appearance by Claire Stansfield (Alti) at the Creation Salute to Star Trek and Xena, Richmond, VA on 2-3 September 2000.

Claire Stansfield

Me mate Claire.jpg (54174 bytes)Claire was great as usual. She was in fact a little toned down from the other times I've seen her but then again the audience was pretty quiet. People asked a lot of technical questions and she gave some very expansive and interesting replies. She just adores Lucy and thinks she is a most wonderful actress (of course). She also praised Renee's commitment but one got the impression that she really bonded with Luce. One comment I loved to here was that she really is a Xena fan herself - watches every episode.


She did give us some idea of the ep she is filming this week. Beware - here be SPOILERS! The ep, 'Bring in the Clones' is a contemporary one and even though she is still evil Alti it is at least in part a comedy which she is really looking forward to. She believes it will bring closure to the Alti character but then again we have already had closure 3 times so who knows what will happen.

She also reiterated what we all fear - this will be the last season of Xena :-(


Garrett Wang was also at this Convention.


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