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This year's Pasadena Con was the biggest and best yet and proved to be a fitting farewell to this most remarkable and, for many, life changing show. 

I caught up with old friends and met some new ones for the first time "IRL". Click on the link below to see some of my Xena Pals:

We were entertained by the stars of the show including the AMAZINGLY sexy Hudson Leick (right). And of course saw fan fic brought to life by the beautiful, talented and very naughty Claire and Alex.

We were able to chat with some of our favourite co-stars, hear some behind the scenes gossip and of course collect the odd autograph or two.

BUT BEST OF ALL we got to see our favourite Warrior Princess and her Battling Bard LIVE ON STAGE.

This gave us the opportunity not only to bask in their reflected glory but to say thanks for giving us two of the most interesting characters on television...EVER!

It also gave them the opportunity to say thanks for our support - a mutual admiration society.

So thanks Lucy and Ren, and all the gang for a GREAT CON. And thanks also to Creation for getting it right this year (at least from my perspective).

The list of guests:

Day 1

bulletRobert Trebor "Salmoneus"
bulletHudson!! "Callisto"
bulletKarl Urban "Caesar", "Cupid" etc
bulletBruce Campbell "Autolycus"

Day 2

bulletAdrienne Wilkinson and William Gregory Lee
"Eve/Livia" and "Virgil"
bulletTim Omundson "Eli"
bulletClaire Stansfield "Alti"
bulletAlexandra Tydings "Aphrodite"
bulletTed Raimi "Joxer"

Day 3

bulletEbonie Smith "Ebonie"
bulletTsianina Joelson "Varia"
bulletDarien Tackle "Cyrene aka Xena's Mum"
bulletRob Field
bulletLUCY AND RENEE!!!!!!!!!
bulletRob Tapert and the entire cast

My Pics

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Other Online Con Stuff


My report is still in the works but in the meantime visit the Creation site for their report.


And for some GREAT pics by a REAL photographer visit AJ's site


Official pics are online at Web Image


And MaryD has many more sources of con information listed on AXIP

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