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My first ever Con was in Orlando, Florida in May 99 where the guests were:

bulletDanielle 'Ephiny' McCormack
bullet Kevin ('Ares') Smith
bullet Claire 'Alti' Stansfield
bulletAlti and Ares


Danielle McCormack was lovely and seemed to be having a ball. I think she was relatively new to conventions at this stage and her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the fans adulation was evident. She was also a riot, especially on the subject of giving birth to "Horsey-boy" aka Xenan the Centaur baby. She also showed us her "style" with the staff.

I asked her a question about what it was like to venture out of the "little pond" of NZ films into the HUGE pond of Hollywood where she had just been. She did her best Aussie impersonation when she heard my accent ("Bewdy Mate") and we later compared notes on some of the odd customs of America.

Danielle_smiling.jpg (112672 bytes)

Danielle autograph.jpg (40766 bytes)  

Ever smiling on the autograph line.


Danielle staff.jpg (115190 bytes)

She taught Gab all she knows!  


The Many Faces of Kiwi Kev   

Boy next door Kevin Smith was also very entertaining and seemed quite overwhelmed by all the attention he was getting. He was also incredible sexy but didn't seem to understand his appeal with the ladies (and maybe one or two blokes!). The highlight of his appearence on both days was an unaccompanied version of 'Melt Into Me'. He used all sorts of excuses not to sing it including that he didn't remember the words however an avid fan produced the album cover with the words printed on it.

Kev was also very personable in the autograph line. He too recognised my country of origin and asked me where I was from. He told me that he had done a film in Adelaide once and loved it. The next day when I went up to get another autograph for a friend he remembered me straight away, greeting me with "Hey its the Aussie". I asked him if he was sick of signing autographs and he replied "No mate - I just love it".    

Kev_goofing.jpg (20734 bytes)  

Kev sneer.jpg (76647 bytes)

 Patented Ares Sneer™  

Kev_melt.jpg (103700 bytes)

'If you make me sing 'Melt into Me' once more....'

Kev - rough.jpg (118020 bytes)

Big night, hey Kev?


The totalling stunning Claire!

Claire Stansfield was an absolute hoot! Not afraid to swear on stage or give away spoilers she kept the crowd entertained from beginning to end. She was a late replacement for Ted Raimi but by the end of her stint on stage I don't think anyone missed poor Joxer! She also seemed pretty excited about her upcoming return to XWP and rightly so seeing Xena appeared to polish her off the first time around. But of course no one is ever REALLY dead in the Xenaverse...except maybe Ephiny. If Clare told us once she told us ten times that she was going to be naked in this episode. I think she is relishing the chance to show us more of her gorgeous "bag of bones".

Claire asked me where I was from in the autograph line and when I  replied she told me that she was hoping to get Down Under for a convention at the end of the year. She also said she wanted to be in Sydney for New Years Eve and when I told her that I'd be there she said "Well if you see me, give me a wave". I really think she meant it too!

Claire_closer.jpg (99271 bytes)

'Did I tell you I'm going to appear naked?' 

Claire_-_full.jpg (102144 bytes)

Yes Claire - MANY times!  


Alti and Ares - devilish duo

Just after the final autograph session, Kevin and Claire took the stage again for a great photo op.


kev&claire close.jpg (173332 bytes) Kev&Claire - hot.jpg (110816 bytes)  

KevClaire_drink.jpg (89795 bytes)



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