Long Island 2000

Long Island 2000
Richmond 2000
Pasadena 2000
Orlando 1999

The Long Island Con, like the one held in Richmond earlier in the year, was a combined Xena, Star Trek and general Sci-Fi Con. 

Star Trek guests included the Doctor from Voyager, and Worf and Dax from DS-9

Xena guests were:

Trebor_1.jpg (43579 bytes)

Robert Trebor aka "Salmoneus"

Vicki_1.jpg (33248 bytes)

Vicki Pratt "Cyane"


Paris_2.jpg (16754 bytes)     

Paris Jefferson...

Paris_3.jpg (30633 bytes)

...aka "Athena"


Costumes 3.jpg (59588 bytes)

The costume competition was, as usual, amusing





However the highlight for me was meeting one of my favourite ladies from TV, Miss June Lockhart. I was even able to ask her the million dollar question - "What was it like to work with Judy Garland" (Meet Me in St Louis, 1944). What a thrill!!




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