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Pasadena 2001
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Ode to a Breast Dagger


Fan Fic

Last year I FINALLY got myself a BREAST DAGGER! This bit of weaponry is my personal favourite but alas it has been strangely absent from our screens since Season 1. So enamoured of this piece of kit am I that I wrote this poem about it:

Ode to a Breast Dagger

(from the episode ‘Death Mask‘)

I sing the song of lovely Xena
  Have you seen her e'er look meaner?

In Cortese's henchman's tent
Looking like she might be spent

Both arms bound and legs akimbo
More helpless than the blondest bimbo.

 With ‘focus’ and a look so fierce
A sparkle from the eyes that pierce

 Her mammaries tense, an upward thrust
She launches forth from that famed bust

A flash of metal in the dark
Breast dagger! in its upward arc

We hold our breaths - where will it land?
But this is Xena - in her hand!

With one bold stroke she cuts the shackle
But still she has said dude to tackle

 His arms outstretched the thug approaches
S&M the subject broaches

He urges Xena not to shout
So with one punch she knocks him out.

She gains her feet, she does not dwell,
And goes in search of Gabrielle.

Warriordoc, Aug 99

Fan Fic

An important aspect of the Xenaverse is Fan fiction (Fanfic). I have not as yet completed my own Fanfic however I have worked on one piece with a Xenaverse Bard and got through about six chapters of a little piece called Physician Heal Thyself. You can read this unfinished "masterpiece" at the Tavern site.

One of my work colleagues, FM, has also penned an original fan fic work entitled Shadows of Olympus.


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