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Despite being old enough to know better I still line up with the best of them to get the stars of Xena to scribble their name on a glossy pic. The best part of this process is that you're able to have a quick chat with them all and so far I would have to report that all the stars have been extremely gracious and show an incredible ability to smile through the writer's cramp. The Kiwi actors in particular always recognise my Aussie accent and this often initiates a short chat which is kinda fun. 

Here is my trophy gallery. Click on the thumbnails for a better view. I've also included some links to pages dedicated to the actors.

Orlando Con May 1999


Ephiny.jpg (61727 bytes)

Danielle Cormack 'Ephiny'


Ares.jpg (51223 bytes)

 Kevin Smith 'Ares'

Alti.jpg (47156 bytes)

   Claire Stansfield 'Alti'



Pasadena Con, Jan 2000


Iolaus.jpg (112170 bytes)

Michael Hurst 'Iolaus'


M'lila.jpg (82997 bytes)    

 Ebonie Smith 'M'Lila'

Minya.jpg (81431 bytes) 

'Mighty Minya', Alison Wall

Cyanne.jpg (55573 bytes)

  Vicki Pratt 'Cyanne'


Gina Torres.jpg (71273 bytes)

Gina Torres 'Cleopatra'   

(Women of Xena and Cleopatra 2525)

Amarice.jpg (56175 bytes)

    Jennifer Sky 'Amarice'

Palaemon.jpg (92653 bytes)

     Jeremy Callaghan
         'Palaemon' aka 'Pompey' 


Lila.jpg (44774 bytes)

Willa O'Neil 'Lila'

Eli.jpg (72737 bytes)

Timothy Omundson 'Eli'


Richmond Con, Sep 2000

A small con but the lovely Claire Stansfield showed up to entertain the troops as usual. Being small I not only got a personalised autograph but a pic as well.


Clare sig.jpg (85578 bytes)  

Me mate Claire.jpg (54174 bytes)



And just one other....

My two favourite gals. Unfortunately I did not get this one in person. (This pic is framed and behind glass, hence the poorer quality scan.)

X&G.jpg (69583 bytes)


More to come from the Pasadena 2001 Convention!


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