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In a time of Ancient Gods, Warlords and Kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power! The passion! The danger! Her courage would change the world.


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Special Alert:

Xena was finally laid to rest in June 2001

abyss.jpg (167425 bytes)Something wonderful has gone from our lives and I feel a great disturbance in the Force. However Xena will live on in the hearts and minds of Xenites and Hardcore Nutballs everywhere. Actually I loved the final two part episode, A Friend in Need, but apparently I was in the minority. Comments throughout the Xenaverse called it misogynistic and homophobic, and felt it a betrayal. I felt it was true to the show and a spectacular way to go out.

Battle On Xena!

(To read more on this momentous and incredibly emotional occasion, visit MaryD's Tribute site)

What Xena Means to Me

bathing.jpg (45386 bytes)What can one say about the mighty Warrior Princess. I admire, or should that be 'idolise', Xena not only for her excessive cleanliness (she just can’t WAIT to get into a hot tub at the end of a hard day’s battling as this picture attests) but also because she is a true role model for strong willed women everywhere. Not only do I love the show but it literally changed my life and gave me a new mantra to apply in all sorts of situations - "What Would Xena Do?"

centaur2.jpg (21679 bytes)Xena has given me much enjoyment through its weird and wonderful antics each week and also allowed me to dress up like a centaur at Universal Studios with no questions asked. Well not many anyway. But even more than this my quest for more information about the Warrior Princess got me online in the first place and this has really expanded my life. I also met my partner through a mutual love of the Warrior Princess.

Xena - the Original Warriordoc!

There is another reason that Xena has been an inspiration to me ever since I first caught a glimpse of her leather clad torso. The first episode I ever saw was one of the last and best of season 1. In this episode, entitled Is There a Doctor in the House? (or 'ITADITH' as we Xenites like to call it), Xena and Gab become caught up in a civil war. Xena uses her military tactical skill surgery.jpg (29280 bytes)to attempt to bring an end to the bloody conflict whilst providing her expert medical care to the wounded. In the process she teaches a young medical student named Hippocrates all she knows and her faith and dedication inspires him to create an oath based on her attributes for all future doctors to follow. She performs wound surgery (pictured left), an amputation and a caesarean section on their friend Ephiny and delivers of her a healthy centaur baby (hereafter known in the Xenaverse as horsey-boy ;-) 

CPR.jpg (55100 bytes)However the most significant event happens towards the end of the episode. Gabrielle leaves the sanctuary of their temple-come-ER to help retrieve the wounded. In the process she is wounded (Gab wasn't much of a fighter back then). Xena performs triage and decides that Gabby will wait until later (i.e. she is a Pri 2!) However Gab deteriorates ITADITH2.jpg (13044 bytes)suddenly and stops breathing. Miraculously by breathing air into her lungs (right) and pounding on the bard's chest (left) Xena saves her despite the pleas of those present to let her go. With this desperate act Xena invented CPR and paved the way for future Warriordocs like myself to practice Military Medicine ;-). 

Xena - Warrior Princess, Inventor of CPR, Mentor of Hippocrates, Mother of Military Medicine!

Xena Pals

duxfest_bed.jpg (39112 bytes)I've met some great people online and made many friends in the Xenaverse. Some of these I have been fortunate enough to meet in real life at conventions and Xenafests. I used to hold my own Xenafests back in Adelaide and that's how I met Cath, Claire and Nicole (pictured, all in bed with Xena). C and C are the terrible twosome who make me drink red wine and sing along with 'The Bitter Suite'. A great way to get rid of the rest of the guests though!

tavern.jpg (41982 bytes)Wherever I go and whenever I meet up with fellow Xena fans IRL I try to snap a picture with them for my scrapbook. You can view these pictures at my Friends of Warriordoc online photo album.  I am still on some of these lists such as DUX (Down Under Xenites) and the Medieval Tavern. Even though I like many others have come and gone occasionally from these lists its still great to know that you are always welcome in these familiar little corners of the Xenaverse. 
Medieval Tavern Gang at the Orlando Con, May 99


My Xena Stuff

I have also got into collecting Xena memorabilia including dolls, magazines, trading cards, comics and even the odd snow globe. Pride of place however belongs to my Chakram framed with an autographed picture of herself. I picked this item up at auction at the Orlando Con last year and have somehow managed to hang onto into despite the many lustful glances thrown its way at Xenafests. 



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