Year 2001

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Year 2001
Year 2000

2001 - Month by Month 

I didn't quite finish off my monthly diaries as things got a bit hectic in the end, what with moving back home in early December. More details on October and November may follow someday...

Jan 01

bulletNew Years Eve at the MGM Casino, Detroit
bulletThe Lion King on Broadway and La Traviata at the Met
bulletBack to Hampton, then up to DC pre-Inauguration
bulletOff to Hawaii on exercise

Feb 01

bulletCompletion of Pacific Warrior in Hawaii
bulletQuick trips to San Antonio and Detroit
bulletMet Lt Uhura from Star Trek
bulletEnjoyed a little snow fall

March 01

bulletTo San Antonio, Texas for a conference
bulletNew Mexico to pull 9G in the centrifuge
bulletLuke AFB to undertake "Top Knife" - an F-16 course for doctors
bulletSaw many of the sites of Arizona including 
bulletThe Grand Canyon
bulletSegauro, Wupatki, Oak Creek, Sunset Crater and Walnut Creek National Parks

April 01

bulletWatched Spring burst forth and went sailing
bulletWent to Washington DC for the annual RAAF Seminar and 80th Anniversary ball.
bulletExperienced ANZAC Day on my 5th continent.

May 01

bulletThe Pasadena Xena Convention
bulletAsMA at Reno
bulletLake Tahoe with the boys
bulletDenver and Pikes Peak
bulletSailing with Dave, Robin and Roy
bulletMet Captain Janeway of Voyager fame
bulletDrove through Northern Kentucky and West Virginia

June 01

bulletWent to a HUGE country concert with Brandy and Marcy
bulletCaught a Little League game
bulletSailed to Bermuda
bulletTrekked along to Jesse's party

July 01

bulletFourth of July Celebrations
bullet Saugatuck, Michigan
bullet Showed Mark my Virginny!
bulletDrove from San Diego, California to Seattle, Washington

Aug 01

bulletTurned 38 and went to a Star Trek Con in DC
bulletAdventures on the high seas with some folks from work
bulletFarewelled Robin and Ronnie from work
bulletVisited the Michigan State Fair

Sep 01

bulletI just managed to catch a flight from Newark on 10 Sep and just avoided being caught in NYC on the morning of the attack.
bulletthe gorgeous state of Utah
bulletthe 35th Anniversary Star Trek Convention
bulletWent out with Ben onto Hampton Roads
bulletAttended my first college football game at Charlottesville to see the Mighty "Hoos" of UVA

Oct 01


Adventures in New England


Trips to Busch Gardens and Williamsburg


Halloween adventures


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