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At present there is a hell of a lot of interest being generated in all things Aus. Whether if be the Crocodile Hunter, Aussie actors taking on Hollywood, Paul Hogan selling Subarus, Outback Steakhouses, Fosters ads (its Australian for Beer apparently!) or of course the greatest show on earth, the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australia is in the news and may even be flavour of the month. But how do they really see us? Here are the most common comments and questions I get from US folks:

Comments and Questions About Australia

"Oh I just love the Crocodile Hunter."

"I've always wanted to go there but its SO FAR! (What - are they thinking of driving or something?)"

"Are you going home for the Olympics?"

"How do you spell your name?" (I didn't realise that "Smart" was so hard!)

And of course in Texas "Are you from outta state?"

God Bless 'em all!

What the papers say

For a more official view check out USA Today's Guide to all things Aussie, a "Just in time for the Olympics" feature including how to speak the lingo. 


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