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Every now and then I hear or read something or see something that makes me think of that favourite Australian saying - 

"It could only happen in America!"

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Jan 01

"I like my tropical islands spoilt"

Middle-aged woman in the jacuzzi at Waikiki, discussing why prefers O'ahu to Maui.

Dec 00

"Oh and I just love the Gods Must be Crazy."

Guy at drug company dinner, talking about all the great Aussie films that he has seen. Africa/Australia...both a long way away and start with A so its close enough I guess!

Aug 00

" East Timor - that's kind of like Australia's Vietnam isn't it?"

A classmate on a USAF course. To which I replied, a. We had a Vietnam too and b. No - nothing like it!!!!!

Jul 00

"Never heard of it"

A shop assistant responding to my enquiry as to whether they had any bacon. The average Virginian has a little trouble with my accent!

Jun 00

"If I entered the race (for President) at the 11th hour I'd win. That's why I'm not running"

Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, Governor of Minnesota and former professional wrestler,
The Tonight Show 15 Jun 00. If he couldn't win then I bet The Rock, owner of the people's eyebrow, could.

May 00

"Opera. Its better than  you think. It has to be!"

Television slogan of the Baltimore Opera Company, 

Apr 00

"Oh I just lurve your accent. I wish I had an accent"

A checkout girl in the heart of Virginia.

Feb 00

"Are you from outta state?"

A Texan upon hearing my accent. Everyone else asks me what country I'm from but it matters little in egocentric Texas.

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