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New England Halloween

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A gall bladder Op (no pics of that!), a New England Fall, trips to Williamsburg and a not-so-spooky Halloween - life returns to "normal" in October!

During my recovery from my ill-timed gall bladder op, I went on yet another trip of discovery, this time to the New England States. In all, I passed through 8 new states which brings my total now to 48. On this trip I ticked off (pics to follow):

New Castle street.jpg (346787 bytes)


Lisa on the Boardwalk.jpg (177839 bytes)

New Jersey
(Atlantic City)

Park.jpg (260247 bytes)



Newport Docks.jpg (178146 bytes)

Rhode Island

Grass and Lighthouse.jpg (93843 bytes)


Sea fog.jpg (81899 bytes)


Mt Washington summit.jpg (142462 bytes)

New Hampshire

Colours.jpg (215066 bytes)


More pics coming soon!

howl o scream 2.jpg (169896 bytes)Busch gardens 2.JPG (160401 bytes)

Closer to home, we took some trips up the road to visit Busch Gardens with Brandy and Mel,

and Colonial Williamsburg for a taste of Fall

Palace.jpg (240497 bytes) W'burg street.jpg (312065 bytes) windmill.jpg (218230 bytes) W'burg carriage.jpg (199815 bytes) Band and carriage.jpg (215803 bytes)


Xena attacks Brandy.jpg (179291 bytes)Pumpkin close up.jpg (41213 bytes)

At the end of the month, it was Halloween time, and Xena, Warriordoc, won the work costume contest!

Check out the rest of my Halloween pics at:

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