New England

New England


Blink and you miss it, but full of quaint little towns and LOTS of history.

Town Square.jpg (209164 bytes)

New Castle Town Hall

Church.jpg (157908 bytes)


New Castle street.jpg (346787 bytes)

Street scene

New Castle Old Folks.jpg (368981 bytes)

Old timers having a natter

New Jersey

Atlantic City - the butthole of the East Coast

Atlantic City hotel.jpg (137482 bytes)

View from our Atlantic City hotel

Atlantic City Beach.jpg (193489 bytes)

The beach

Lisa on the Boardwalk.jpg (177839 bytes)

On the Boardwalk

Boardwalk Cats.jpg (151002 bytes)

Boardwalk kitties


Into New England for a slice of Mystic Pizza

Barnum museum.jpg (204355 bytes)

The PT Barnum Museum, Bridgeport

Me at Yale.jpg (194626 bytes)

At Yale University, New Haven

Yale tower.jpg (171475 bytes) Yale buildings.jpg (211619 bytes)

More venerable Yale buildings

Park.jpg (260247 bytes)

New Haven Park

Mystic Seaport.jpg (103735 bytes)

Mystic Seaport

Mystic Pizza.jpg (127155 bytes)

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza

Julia Roberts  - eat your heart out!


Rhode Island

Vanderbilt gardens.jpg (135797 bytes)

The Breakers...

Breakers front aspect.jpg (154127 bytes)

...Newport, RI

Ocean view.jpg (71910 bytes)

Vanderbilt summer home

Newport Docks.jpg (178146 bytes)

Newport dock area

Newport eatery.jpg (236075 bytes)



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