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Don't forget the Motor City...

or perhaps you should!

My experiences

I first visited Detroit for the 1999 Aerospace Medicine Conference. It was May but rather chilly and my first impressions of downtown Detroit were not good. What was not falling down was being rebuilt, and our hotel, the Renaissance, was in the latter category. Very considerately the hotel decided to stop the construction during conference hours so as not to disturb us. Instead the jack-hammering went on into the wee small hours and was clearly audible from my room on the 19th floor.

Since then I've been back several times and have discovered Michigan in fall is a treat to the senses - the sight of the turning leaves, the smells of decaying vegetation, the taste of fresh apple cider and hot doughnuts, the sound of kids in the streets gearing up for Halloween. 

And unlike Virginia they have a real winter there affording the opportunity for sledding, throwing cats in the snow and making snow angels. 

The game.jpg (60458 bytes)Come summer they have a great ball park in which to watch the Detroit Tigers participate in the Nation's Pastime. 

So all in all Michigan is not that bad a place - just avoid downtown Detroit for a few years.


I will include more content at a later date but until then check out these links....

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bulletHenry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village -- Detroit's major tourist attractions. The former contains both the chair that Lincoln was shot in and the car that Kennedy was. The latter has a host of historic buildings stolen from throughout the States. Again - bizarre!


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