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Off site State Fair

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The month I turned 38 :-((((

Claire_and_I.jpg (165573 bytes)But at least I got to mingle with the stars at a Star Trek Convention for my birthday, and even got a birthday kiss from Claire Stansfield...sort of ;-) 

                                    See all the snaps of the stars at 


Cockpit.jpg (44689 bytes)I also had an another adventure on the high seas with some folks from work. This time it resembled Gilligan's Island more than an idyllic ocean voyage

Read about our Off Site and see the pics at:

Later that weekend I caught my first WNBA game - the Washington Mystics vs the Cleveland Rockers. Washington won in the end but only after I inspired Nikki McCray with my finger!

Game start.jpg (246395 bytes)

Tip off


the girls.jpg (139987 bytes)

Mel, Lorelei and Stasia


Annie shoots.jpg (140639 bytes)

Australia's own Annie Burgess shoots a 3 pointer for the Mystics

The finger.jpg (222879 bytes)

Giving the girls the finger - inspirational!


The P man.jpg (133019 bytes)It was the season of farewells at work - this time we were very sad to say farewell to Col Robin Taylor who is only going across base but we will miss her!


Ronnie.jpg (59439 bytes)sgp.jpg (76002 bytes)We also said a fond farewell to Ronnie, our summer hire who had become a valued member of the team. 


Tracy and elephant ear.jpg (190065 bytes)

The Grand Finale of the month was my trip up to Detroit for the Michigan State Fair and to help Lisa make her BIG move.

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