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I moved to the US in early 2000 from Adelaide, South Australia and spent two great years in Virginia. I thought I had a good grounding in American culture before I went, having been exposed from an early age to American TV and movies. Therefore I thought that living in the USA would be a breeze with few surprises. I was wrong. Living there has taught me that I didn't really know the US as well as I thought, and that America is surprisingly NOT just like the movies! Well at least not all of the time. On this website I hope to share my impressions of America and particularly how it differs from good ol' Aus. 

This not intended to be a definitive or all encompassing guide, just a means to express the observations of a legal Alien in the land of the free. It's primary purpose was to help out friends and relatives when they came to visit me and to keep folks up to date with what I'd been up to. It also gave some of my US friends a bit of a laugh!  You'll find tales of my travels and also more general observations of the US culture. Things they do differently over here and the way the Yanks view Australia and the rest of the world. 


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