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About this page

As I said on my family page, I have quite an interesting and talented extended family and so I thought they all deserved a little space here on my website. The interesting thing about surfing the www to find some links about them all is that it helped me to know a little more about what they do in their professional lives. The majority of my cousins I only see a couple of times a year, usually at Christmas time. During these times we all do a quick recap on what we've been up to but somehow we all miss out on the details. Hopefully this page might help us all to learn a little more about each other.

BTW if any of you relos have any other links that should go on this page (or would like me to take any of the current ones out) please drop me a line.

Dad's Side

Dad has a brother, Bernard Smart, and a sister, Shirley Tamms (nee Smart). 

The BA Smarts

Uncle Bernard and Dad ran the farm together up until a few years ago. His wife is the legendary Auntie Mary who is quite the home cooking expert and makes the most delicious apple pies and sponge cakes.

bulletMy cousin Wayne Smart works in the computer field also has just completed his accounting degree. Wayne also still owns some of the the vineyards my grandfather planted and from these grapes the Clarendon Hills Winery has produced its Old Vines Grenache. I also found this exciting website for Wayne Smart...but either he's grown a lot more hair or its not him ;-)
bulletHis brother Darryn Smart is an electrical engineer who works in the field of electronic warfare at DSTO. Darryn married Sue on 24 Jun 00 and they have daughters Tenae and Deanna.

The Tammses

Auntie Shirley and Uncle Mick live in Coromandel Valley. They have offspring - Matthew and Vanessa.

bulletMatthew Tamms is one of the family's high flyers - literally! He is a pilot for Cathay Pacific Airways. Matt married Denby in 1995 the couple live in Hong Kong.
bulletWith Bill and Hil 2.jpg (80859 bytes)Vanessa Tamms (pictured, with me and the First Couple in DC) has a PhD in economics from the Australian National University, Canberra, and is also involved in, as she puts it, "plane shit". She began work in London with Virgin Atlantic in late 2000 and is apparently having a ball stirring up the Poms. I personally think that her cunning plan is to one day have her brother Matthew call her 'boss'. Read about some of the work she is doing at here and go to Page 13 of this document to see a graduation photo. 

Mum's Side

Mum also came from a three-kid family. 

Her older brother, John McDonald was a Wellington bomber pilot in WW2. He died at aged 21 and is buried in a war cemetery in the city of Klagenfurt in Austria.  Mum was only 3 when he died but still remembers the smiling red headed giant (to her) who used to scoop her into his arms.

Mum's sister, Margaret Deane (nee McDonald) has also left us. With her husband Roy, Auntie Marg ran the family business, McLaren Vale Transport, after my grandfather died. She died while I was away in the UK in 1992. Uncle Roy is still going strong and has just turned 80.

The Deanes

John and his wife Kay live in McLaren Vale and still run the family trucking business. They have two children, Hope and Adam.

bulletHope Lovelock Deane (or "the artist formerly known as Jackie" as we sometimes like to call her ;-), another second cousin, is a visual artist and sometime critic. She has recently produced her greatest work of art - baby Ruby. Information on some of her other work can be found at the following sites:
bulletBroadsheet - a review
bulletCraftsouth - photo of work for Transport SA
bulletAdam Deane is currently studying IT stuff at my old alma mater Flinders University of SA. He may also be finishing off a Masters this year (I think).

The Dollmans

Cousin Catherine is a pharmacist as is her husband Bill. I was a junior bridesmaid at their wedding many years ago and I felt SO important. They have two sons, Luke and Ben.

bulletLuke Dollman, my second cousin is a conductor. Luke was named the  Young Conductor of the Year for 2000! You can find some pics of him at the Newsphotos website.

Luke is currently currently Assistant Conductor to Edo de Waart at the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic. According to Catherine "This group incorporates several orchestras and an opera company. Chief conductor is Edo de Waart, with other visiting musical heavies as well."  He has also been a guest conductor this year with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

bullet Ben Dollman, Luke's brother, is a violinist of note who has also studied in the US.  He is currently dividing his time and talents between many different groups, including the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra in Sydney, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and the Adelaide Baroque Ensemble (pictured).


So that's the roll call - quite a talented bunch!




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