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"The world is a stage, the stage is a world of entertaaaaaaaainment."

  Judy, Ethel and a cast of thousands!

Me_At_Graumanns.jpg (60069 bytes)Index

bulletWhere do ya get it?                                      In the footsteps of giants - Judy's prints, 
                                                                                           Graumann's Theatre, Hollywood

Movies, books, TV and music are four of my great loves as well however I have spent so long on this website that I have decided to publish before this section is completely finished. Therefore this page so far is little more than a list of links to sites about my favourite movies and movies stars, TV shows, authors and music. 


Gone With the Windcolonial_ball.jpg (42577 bytes)

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn if you check these sites out or not.

bulletFrankly My - an official site. 
You can even take a virtual tour of Tara.
bulletGone With The Wind - a fan's page with lots of info
bulletWarner Brothers Site
bulletThe Margaret Mitchell Museum
bulletVivien Leigh - the most beautiful woman who every lived
bulletGWTW Sound Library                                     Miss Warriordoc - Southern Belle.

Judy Garland

Just Judy. My absolute favouritest performer - actor or singer - of all time. Judy was and still is THE GREATEST! I have included a few choice Judy links below.Ruby slippers 2.jpg (87527 bytes)

Pictured at right is a real pair of Ruby slippers worn by Judy in The Wizard of Oz and now on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

bulletThe Judy Garland Museum - follow the yellow brick road to the Great One's birthplace (sorry - couldn't resist).
bulletThe Young Judy Garland Site
bulletThe Judy Garland Page - older, sexier Judy
bulletJudy Garland Database - A fantastic site with links to everything Judy

Katharine Hepburn

kate.jpg (13293 bytes)The coolest lady in the world and the person on earth I'd most like to meet. Miss Kate is also one of my main role models before and after the Warrior Princess.

bulletKatharine Hepburn Homepage
bulletA Salute to Miss Kate - a great fan site
bulletKatharine Hepburn Webring - lots of links
bulletThe Official African Queen site Miss Hepburn

button scoring.gif (240404 bytes)Miscellaneous

bulletClassic Movies - the Golden Years
bulletThose Golden Movie Musicals
bulletScoring - well another plug wont hurt ;-)



Xena: Warrior Princess

So wonderful she earned her own site. Click here to visit.

Star Trek: Voyager

My latest Grand Obsession! I was only introduced to this show about 2 years but have now seen nearly every episode, albeit in a rather haphazard kind of way. Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager is now one of my biggest heroes. Unfortunately, like Xena, Voyager ended this season after 7 great years. But there are always re-runs! 

I have been fortunate enough this year to meet all of the stars of Voyager and many from the other franchises. Check out my Star Trek page for details.

Absolutely Fabulous

Simply wonderful show Sweetie Darling.

bulletGlobal Absolutely Fabulous Site
bulletTV Comedy Database
bulletAb Fab - "free .wav downloads sweetie"
bulletComedy Central


Blake's 7

Blake's 7 was a very low budget British Sci-fi series of the 80s which was absolutely brilliant. Sure the sets wobbled when the actors bumped them and every planet they visited resembled a quarry in southern England but it was well written with strong and interesting (and not always good guy) characters and very well acted. My servalan1.jpg (36744 bytes) favourite character was Servalan, aka Supreme Commander. Servalan was a true pioneering intergalactic Power Pussy and so deliciously nasty. What a woman! And as you can see from the links below the show still has a cult following, especially in Britain.

bulletThe largest Blake 7 site on the web - or so they say
bulletBlake's 7 Library
bulletBlake 7 Universe
bulletImage Gallery
bulletWeb Ring
bulletPaul James' Blake's 7 Page

PJ1.jpg (21675 bytes)Petticoat Junction

A classic of its genre - TV series about trains and three girls with boy's names. And just LOOK at all of these sites. My favourite character? Betty Jo - the tomboy of course.

bulletOfficial PJ Website - wedding albums, autographed pics to be had!
bulletPJ Online - PJ online. The true story of what happened to Kate Bradley and why Steve suddenly changed his affection from Billy Jo to Betty Jo. Also recent pics of those Bradley gals.
bullet Petticoat Junction - cast list, pics
bulletTV Land site
bulletBuy the Video!


bulletLooney Toons Sound Source - words of wisdom from the 
wascally wabbit and friends
bulletSurvivor - the CBS show about 16 ordinary folks stranded on a remote tropical island and tortured by a smiling game show host, all for 1,000,000 smackers. Compulsive viewing! And the next one will be in Aus!
bulletAnd don't forget XENA - in case you missed it!

And last but not least the Taco Bell Chihuahua - this little cutie is my favourite tv personality in the US. He certainly beats Regis hands down. 


Jane Austen

bulletThe Republic of Pemberley including the Jane Austen Information Page provide lots of information and links about my favourite author.
bulletScenes left out of Pride and Prejudice - fan written 'out takes' from the best book every written (plus gratuitous pictures of Colin!).
bulletColin Firth - An Appreciation. Not exactly P&P but he IS Mr. Darcy! Clare told me about this site and its very good. Also has a page dedicated to Russell Crowe - Australia/New Zealand's newest Hollywood superstar.

Other Books I love

bulletIsabelle Allende - my favourite still living author. Her novels began with a real Latin American magic realism feel but her latest, Daughter of Fortune, is a sweeping historical epic. I just can't get enough of her writing.

Book I'm currently reading:

Hiding My Candy by The Lady Chablis.


The Seekers

This excellent Aussie folk band was an early favourite. I thought that Judith Durham, the lead singer was the most wonderful person in the world when I was about 5 and I even named my dark haired doll 'Judith' in her honour. Here they are, all cute and innocent looking, doing their best Von Trapp Family impersonation. Find out all about the Seekers at:

bulletThe Seekers
bullet The World of the Seekers  

Bay City Rollers

bcr.jpg (49303 bytes)"B-A-Y. B-A-Y. B-A-Y-C-I-T-Y. With an R-O-double L-E-R-S. Bay City Rollers are the best!" When adolescence kicked in I, like many girls my age, fell for the Bay City Rollers BIG TIME *sigh*. I was a card carrying member of their Aussie "Friendship Club" and went to see them live in concert at Footy Park in Adelaide. This was one of the highlights of my teen life even though I had to go with Mum and my brothers. They're still kicking around and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the BCRs, especially Leslie. You would be amazed to find out how many people share my old flame - and how many websites there are out there dedicated to the "Bay City Bumboys" as the jealous boys at our school used to call them. Here's just a selection:

bulletAbsolute Bay City Rollers - includes current pics (the words old and fat come to mind lol)
bulletBCR Homepage


Then I grew up (a little) and now even though I listen to a lot of singers and bands, kd has been my favourite since I first saw her stomping 'round the stage at the Calgary Winter Olympics of 1988. I've seen her on stage four times and continue to be blown away by her amazing voice, especially during her tributes to Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline  - "Cryin'" and "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray". Hopefully I will catch her on tour again sometime real soon. - official online fan club
bulletWarner Bros Music site - check out kd's new release and download her new single "Summerfling".
bulletThe kd lang Museum

Other bands and artists I like a lot

bulletMichelle Shocked - Graffiti Limbo
bulletIndigo Girls
bulletPaul Kelly - fan site dedicated to Australia's Songwriter/poet
bulletPatsy Cline - very cool lady, especially for a country singer. This is a great fan tribute.
bulletSpice Girls - I 'fink dere brill!
bulletAnd just for fun...The Archive of Misheard Lyrics - no you're not the only one!

Where do ya get it?

Now that I've whet your appetite, you can buy yourself a little something at one of these sites. 
bullet Homepage - all the books you'll ever need!
bulletCD Now 




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