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The Original Series

Today was a fitting day to pay tribute to these aging stars, marking 35 years to the day that it all began.

Leonard 1.jpg (86054 bytes)

Leonard Nimoy hits the stage solo

Leonard 2.jpg (88072 bytes)

Leonard 3.jpg (75245 bytes)


Nimoy 2.jpg (39843 bytes)
Nimoy 3.jpg (87187 bytes) TOS gang 1.jpg (80720 bytes)

The Gang's all here

TOS gang 2.jpg (41177 bytes)

Jimmy, Nichelle, George, Leonard, Walter and Grace

TOS gang again.jpg (48528 bytes)

Jimmy expounds a point

Jimmy, Nichelle and George.jpg (92737 bytes)

Jimmy, Nichelle, George

Jimmy and Nichelle.jpg (83935 bytes)

Jimmy and Nichelle

Leonard and Walter.jpg (95786 bytes)

Leonard and Walter

Laughing George.jpg (98184 bytes)

George's distinctive laugh

Nichelle sings 1.jpg (77214 bytes)

For a finale...

Nichelle sings 2.jpg (80122 bytes)

..Nichelle lets rip with a song


The Pool Party

Scotty at pool.jpg (146070 bytes)

Sharing a beer with Scotty

George at pool.jpg (115482 bytes)

Here's to 35 years Sulu

Chekov at pool.jpg (76495 bytes)

Are we having fun yet, Chekov?

James Darrin 2.jpg (63523 bytes)

The vocal stylings of Mr. James Darrin

Federation girls.jpg (156656 bytes)

The costume contest - Federation Women division

Me and the boys.jpg (100647 bytes)

Me with some VERY familiar faces

Tribble Borg.jpg (182177 bytes)

Imaginative entry - a Borg Tribble

Assorted men and aliens.jpg (148811 bytes)

Assorted Federation me and aliens


The Gala Dinner

spice and i.jpg (143495 bytes)

Gotta love these Klingon women - Spice Williams

Lee Merriweather.jpg (170749 bytes)

Catwoman and I - Lee Meriweather

Mary Kay.jpg (163305 bytes)

Mary Kay Adams - another lovely Klingon

The Dinner.jpg (112145 bytes)

Lisa decorating me

Don West and me.jpg (112435 bytes)

My celebrity date - Mark Goddard

Lisa and Leon.jpg (143968 bytes)

And Lisa's - body guard Leon

Spice and Celeste.jpg (178639 bytes)

Spice and the scary Celeste Yarnall

Spock v Q.jpg (189038 bytes)

Entertainment for the evening was a double dose of Spock v Q.



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