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Protection.jpg (83428 bytes)Sites on this page are related to the Rwandan Peacekeepers, Peacekeeping in general, or are just kinda interesting!

bulletUnited Nations


Rwandan Veterans Peacekeeping Research Website

This website has recently been set up by Maj Stephanie Hodson who is undertaking research in the area of Rwanda veterans. Her charter is as follows:

"This site has been developed primarily as a tool for Rwandan Veterans and their families.  It provides information on services available to them and to other veteran groups.  It also provides feedback to Rwanda Veterans who participated in a three-year longitudinal research project into the effects of operational deployment.  However, the site will also be of use to others interested in learning about their experiences and the effects of operational deployment.  All Veterans of both contingents are invited to submit suggestions, ideas, photos or stories for inclusion on this site."  


United Nations

UN site

United Nations Peacekeeping

UN Association of Australia




ADF Peacekeeping Centre

Australia's Involvement in the UN - a most excellent and informative site about all Aus' UN missions. I give it 5 blue berets!

The Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association (APPA)

Australian Peace Keeping Missions around the World

Australian Peacekeeping in East Timor

Australian War Memorial - has a small section on Peacekeeping 


Peacekeeping Resources

Pearson Peacekeeping Centre

The Project on Peacekeeping and the UN

UNB Saint John Ward Chipman Library


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