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Overviews and Essays

Canadian Forces College

Carnegie Commission - an essay - Preventing Genocide: How the Early Use of Force Might Have Succeeded in Rwanda

Crying for Justice - includes some excellent memorial photos

John Burroughs School Homepage on the Causes of the Conflict in Rwanda

"Leave None to Tell the Story": Genocide in Rwanda -  an excellent account by Human Rights Watch

OAU sets inquiry into Rwanda genocide - "A determination to search for Africa's own truth"

Rwanda: Accountability for War Crimes and Genocide

The Great Genocide Debate : Africa Direct Conference , London July 27, 1997

The History Page - Genocide in the 20th Century

The Failure of the International Community to Prevent Genocide in Rwanda

The International response to Conflict and Genocide; Lessons from the Rwanda experience

The Lesson of Rwanda - how Rwanda figured in the 2000 US presidential debate

The Triumph of Evil - a PBS special on the genocide

Speed of Rwandan genocide frazzled an uninformed press - why the genocide was ignored by Western media

We're sorry, say Rwanda genocide leaders

Wirira - French language site

Personal Accounts

An eye witness testimony to the shooting down of the Rwandan President Plane

The Killing Ground: A Journey to Rwanda The Church at Ntarama

Tales from the Abyss - interview with a journo who covered the genocide

Testimonies from prominent Rwandans of events during and after the genocide

Valentina's Nightmare - A PBS special, described as "A journey into the Rwanda genocide.

UN and US Inaction

Bystanders to Genocide - excellent review article on the US' role in the genocide...or lack there of, from Sep 01

Report says Annan knew of Hutus' plan to kills Tutsis

U.N. Failed Rwandans

UN failure in Rwanda: 800,000 Tutsis mercilessly left to die for colour alone

U.S. Complicity by Silence. Genocide in Rwanda

U.S. Military Activities in Rwanda - what they didn't do - a collection of Danish articles on the UN's role.

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