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One amazing thing that happened in Rwanda was the incredible outflowing of creativity from our colleagues in arms.

The purpose of these pages is to capture some of this work, whether it be in the form of diaries, prose, poetry, photos or letters from the front. Many people used these outlets to deal with and defuse their emotions, whether it be through agonising tales of doom and gloom or through the blackest of black humour.

 I have included the work I have access to here and hopefully others will contribute further as the site develops.

RAAF Rwanderers

wpe69.jpg (97088 bytes)Us RAAFies were small in number in ASC 2 (21 out of 300 plus) but we did try to remain distinctly blue despite our cams. We did this by creating a line of t-shirts, throwing a RAAF Anniversary cocktail party in the SGTs' Mess and also by producing three newsletters, entitled RAAF Rwanderers. Through this medium we could keep in contact with friends, families and colleagues back home so that they wouldn't forget we were over there serving our country in someone else's backyard. The newsletters also gave us an opportunity to express our emotions and particularly our humour, sometimes the only thing that kept us sane.

In the pages that follow I have reproduced these newsletters as web pages, complete with the daggy mid-90s clip art that illustrated each section. Contributors included a large proportion of the RAAFies of ASC2 and the stories and poems they wrote give you some idea of what it was like.


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