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These pages are dedicated to all Australian Defence Force Personnel who served in Rwanda, 1994-95

Australians in Rwanda

In April 1994, the country of Rwanda in Central Africa was torn asunder by a horrific genocide and subsequent civil war. Later that year, Australia committed its first Peacekeeping troops to assist the war-torn country to re-establish itself under a new regime. In all over 600 Australian Defence Force personnel served under the auspices of UNAMIR II - the second United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda on what was mainly a medical mission. These pages are a testament to those who served.

Why a website?

Why not? Since we all returned to Aus from deepest darkest Africa all of our lives seem to have changed a lot. We have all pretty much gone our separate ways and despite the incredible bonding experience we went through, it seems harder and harder to keep in touch. Every now and then we run into folks and catch up. Often the tales we hear of our compatriots are not happy ones. Many of our number have left the defence force. Others have developed long term health problems as a result of their service. 

A chance meeting between ex-Rwanderers in a gym on Langley AFB in Virginia gave birth to the idea of a electronic mailing list to get us all back together again, 5 years after we had all returned. The Rwanda Peacekeepers e-group and subsequent webpage have started from humble beginnings. Hopefully they will bring us back together again and let us exorcise some of the demons that haunt us still.

What's New?

I made major efforts to keep this site up to date in the past however time contraints and more sites to manage mean I will have to drop this task.

As always however, contributions are gladly accepted.


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