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"Scarlett O'Hara pussy cat. Whatcha gonna do when you catch a rat?"

Mum's tribute to Miss Scarlett

We've had lots of pets over the years living on the farm. Smokey the dog was with us for the longest time and was a much loved member of the family but it was the pussies who passed through who appeared to be the real characters of the place. From Hubert Horatio Catsbody III, Esquire who supposedly followed my brothers home (yeah right!) right through to the last one still standing Heathcliff (aka 'Ugly Little Spud') everyone of our cats have endured many silly names and have become suitably crazy members of the Smart household. In coming months I intend to spin a few of the best yarns about our pussies. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll call the RSPCA!

The Chumblies and other strange names

The story of Tess - the mother of them all - and her colourfully named offspring. All the black ones were Chumbly B-somethings from Chumbly Bill on down and all the others were named for movies stars or characters and sometimes (rather tragically) footballers.

Miss Jane and the Parisian Pussy Review

About my favourite girl, Baby Jane, and whatever happened to her. There was no way we could keep her down on the farm, after she'd see Paris!

Miss Scarlett's Sock Babies

The tragic yet inspiring tale of a brave pussy who did not let her inability to reproduce stand in the way of creating a happy family.

One-eyed Spud - Adventures in the Third Dimension

The story of handsome Heathcliff whose life is all very funny until he loses an eye. Well actually it was even more funny after that, at least for us!

Xena Warrior Puss.jpg (141349 bytes)Xena, Warrior Pussy (pictured), and her trusty sidekick Gabrielle.

Our latest children.




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