The Rockies


Friday 27th October - Our 38th Wedding Anniversay

We woke late - it was the best sleep we'd both had since we left home.    I gave David a golf shirt from Banff Springs and of course he gave me Benny and then treated me to a wonderful breakfast in the dining room of the hotel.   It was a delicious buffet breakfast in the Rimrod Restaurant.   The waiter was a lovely chap and when we confessed we had eaten at McDonald's the night before, he whispered that was usually where they had to dine too, as they have a little girl who loves the place.   What was our excuse? - just cheap!   We decided after our huge breakfast, that we needed to walk, so walk we did, out to Stampede Park where the Calgary Stampede is held.   David got tied up talking to an old chap who wanted to tell us the history of grain growing and transporting in Canada and David was telling him about vines in SA and I was nearly 'bursting' so off I went to find a washroom.   Everything was locked up but eventually someone guided me to where they were setting up for an auction of painted cows.   After I made myself more comfortable I had a look at the cows.   They were magnificent.    Apparently they make the cows up out of fibreglass and sell them, then people commission artists and decorators to make them individual.   They are wonderful.   Later in our travels we saw moose in Toronto and mermaids in Virginia.    They are quite a talking point.   We then walked over to the Saddledome, home of the Calgary Flames ice hockey team.    As I said earlier, this is Chris Sletvold's team and he had asked me to buy him a top.  As it was also Chris' birthday and we were in his home town, I bought a postcard to send to him from his shrine.    We couldn't do a tour as there was a function on there that night and the boys were not playing at home while we were there, which was a bit of a pity.   I would have liked to see a game of ice hockey.  From what we'd seen on TV, it makes Aussie Rules look lady-like - savage!    Then we walked over to the casino for a 'look' - we had a bit of fun and came out without too much gone from our pockets.  We then walked back to the hotel and over to the Glenbow Museum, which is excellent.   It had one whole floor dedicated to the Native Americans, with artefacts and paintings telling about their life.    It was wonderful.   We decided to have a break as our tickets covered all day, so we went for a walk and then back to the museum for a look at the artwork on animals.  These were fantastic.     Then it was time to go back to the room for a break, as we were rather pooped.    After our rest we went out to a delightful little restaurant near the hotel (not McDonalds).   The restaurant was called Divinos' - the Love Shop.   How appropriate for our wedding anniversary! .   The staff there were so friendly and we had a great meal.  It was then time to repack our bags as we had to book a 4.30 a.m. call for our flight to Toronto.

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