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"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh."

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bulletShez and Leanne
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bulletAssociated photo album - My Last Days in Aus

I am a lucky girl indeed as I have many great friends. Many  are all still home in Australia and I miss them all :-( Here's a selection of them.


Lisa and beaver.jpg (70893 bytes)My partner's name is Lisa who hales from Detroit. She helped me to assimilate into the American culture and helping me to feel at home. She taught me how to make snow angels in winter and has introduced me to such delicacies as Reeses peanut butter cups and peanut and banana on toast! She has also taken me on a Hunt for the famous Michigan Tree Climbing Beaver and as you can see she was brave enough to get up close and personal with this fearsome beastie. I guess she's Detroit's answer to the Crocodile Hunter. She has now moved her act to Australia and has been busy assimilating into OUR culture, heaven forbid!


Dave_-_engagement_2.jpg (32420 bytes)Dave is my best Boy friend and also qualifies as the best house mate I have ever had. He lives in Melbourne and sometimes Sydney so distance keeps us apart which is good for BOTH of our livers. He and I have had a lot of fun over the years and I am proud to be a member of his rather extensive and well populated harem. Dave should be severely punished as it was he who first got me started on web page building. Look at the monster he has created!!!!


Helen.jpg (45891 bytes)She's my best friend that I've know the longest and who is still talking to me! We have known each other from  teenage years and Helen deserves a special mention because she is the only person ever brave (or stupid) enough to have me in her wedding, as Chief Bridesmaid too. And don't worry if you don't recognise me from the photo - Mum didn't even Caitlin and Aidan.jpg (58041 bytes) know me on the day! (In case you are really confused I'm the tall the DRESS!!!!). Helen and Kym now live down at Coonalpyn in the South East of South Australia where they have produced two lovely kids,  Caitlin and Aidan. This pic is from the Christmas card they sent me a couple of years ago.


Me & Tracy for web.jpg (16657 bytes)Wee Gordon (aka Rufus) is another of my favourite Boy friends. This pic was taken at Adelaide Airport when I left for the US. We used to work together and in fact at one time had offices facing each other. Despite this we rarely had time to talk during Ggc.jpg (96002 bytes) the day but used to icq each other every night! Modern technology - don't ya love it? Gordon was my principal wining and  dining partner in Adelaide and he is quite the gourmet cook himself. I requested a photo from him (left) and of course it HAD to have food in it. I think he is VERY brave to send me a photo that is SUCH a temptation to entitle "Wee Gordon and his crabs". So to reward his bravery I won't call it that.

Shez and Leanne

bali.jpg (39631 bytes)Shez and Leanne were my basketball buddies in the SA Combined Services team. We got on so well that we also went to Bali together in June '98 for fun and frolics and lots of drinking. Shez gave me this pic as a going away present. It features the Bali Spice Girls  L-R Burley Spice (Leanne), Burpee Spice (Shez) and Spit-the-dummy Spice (WD). Shez is still in Adelaide working at the RAAF Base but Leanne has left the RAAF for greener pastures ie the IT industry. 

Some other websites belonging to friends:

bulletClare's Colin Firth Drooling Page and other miscellany. Actually her page is dedicated to "Fever Pitch" however she also has some personal piccies on it.
bulletZNE Photographics - my Xena Pal Cath is a very talented photographer
bulletThe Castle of Semiramis - another friend I have met through the Xenaverse
bulletCaitlin's Santa Monica Xena Convention - Caitlin is pretty slack and hasn't done much with this for awhile but it does record her adventures at the 1999 "Big One"
bulletJo, a colleague of mine from work last year also has a page up - JoJo's Page




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