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I have been in the Royal Australian Air Force since 1995 when I joined the undergraduate scheme in 5th year medicine. I have enjoyed my time in the RAAF immensely and through my work have managed to do some very cool go flying in an F/A-18 just for starters.

There is actually a RAAF connection in my family as well. Mum's brother, Warrant Officer John MacDonald, was a Wellington pilot in WW2 who was shot down and killed over Italy and is buried in Klagenfurt in Austria. Obviously I never met him but he did have a significant presence in our lives.

My career highlights:

bullet1989 - Posted to RAAF Amberley in Queensland
bullet1990-91 - Posted to RAAF Pearce, Western Australia
bullet1992 - 93 - UK to undertake the Diploma in Aviation Medicine and teach aviation medicine to aircrew
bulletJul - Dec 1993 - 6 HOSP, RAAF Williams, Victoria
bullet1994-95 RAAF Williamtown, New South Wales
bullet1995 - spent 6 months in Rwanda with the UN
bullet1996-99 RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia (see Aviation Medicine)
bullet2000-2001 Langley AFB, Virginia, USA.
bulletJan to Sep 2002 - East Timor
bulletSep 2002 to ? - "The Sponge", Canberra

F-16.jpg (39243 bytes)Some of the more interesting stuff I've done includes:

bulletFlown in Hornets, Harriers, Hawks, F-16s and F-15s plus many 
helicopters, training aircraft, transport and maritime 
fixed wing aircraft
bulletDeployments both within Australia and in Asia
bulletAeromedical Evacuations
bulletAircraft Accident Investigation. This is one of the least pleasant jobs I have done, made worse by the fact that ours is a small air force. Everyone knows everyone and this makes it very personal. 

The last aircraft accident I attended was that of the F-111G flown by Shorty and Nige on Pulau Aur, Malaysia. This year a group of the crews squadron colleagues accompanied by Shorty's wife Kim, returned to the accident site to place a memorial site. You can read about this trip here.

These adventures are all part of the job for a flight surgeon. Many people believe that military docs in Australia are underpaid and that their clinical experience is limited but I wouldn't swap my experiences for anything!


Aussie Military Links

Find out more about the RAAF and the Australian Military by visiting the following websites:




Royal Australian Air Force - a general overview of the RAAF with lots of links


RAAF Recruiting - why not join up while you're there! Check out my mate Fleur, the Super Air Trafficker ;-)


F-111 Home Page - lots of RAAF information on the 'Pig'. Also links to the F-111 Memorial site for F-111 aircrew who have not made it back.


Other Australian Military



Department of Defence


Royal Australian Navy


Australian Army


Diggers - an unofficial Aussie Army site


The Defence Community Organisation - a link for families. Includes ways to contact troops deployed overseas.


Related sites on this Warriordoc Web:

ANZAC Day Page




East Timor - Under construction  

United Nations

bulletUN site
bulletUnited Nations Peacekeeping

US Military

US Air Force

bulletIcon mapAir Force Link The official US Air Force page. Lots of info and pics.
bulletAir Combat Command Headquarters is where I used to work. This site has links to all the bases in the command and a most excellent Multimedia section which has a well ordered aircraft image section (e.g. the F-22 pictured right) and also several interesting downloads  such as F-22 and F-15 screensavers.
bulletLangley AFB, Virginia is where I was stationed for a couple of years. It is the home of HQ ACC and the 1st Fighter Wing. 
bulletBrooks AFB - the home of aerospace medicine in the USAF
bulletScott's USAF Installations Page - not an official site but one belonging to a true plane spotter if ever I saw one. Nevertheless it has some useful information and links.

Other US Services

bulletsound barrier.jpg (39960 bytes)US Navy - has some great aircraft piccies in its Digital Images section including this famous and much copied one of an F/A-18 breaking the sound barrier.
bulletThe Blue Angels aerobatic team
bulletUSMC - the Marines
bulletUS Army - unofficial but fact filled site

Other International Military Sites


Royal Air Force


Canadian Air Force


Royal New Zealand Air Force


World Air Forces - this Canadian Air Force page has links to over 40 other global air forces and military flying display teams

Other links

bulletNASA - incredible site for all ages. For example check out the latest on the International Space Station.
bulletJane's provides information on defence and transportation throughout the world. It also provides information and specs of all the world's aircraft...for a fee of course.

You will also find links on my other pages in the areas of:

bulletAviation Medicine
bulletWomen in Aviation
bulletMilitary Medicine
bulletANZAC Day

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