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Welcome to my Kangy page, as far as I know the DEFINITIVE site on the net for all things Kangarilla! Contrary to what most folks think when I tell them the name of my home town, Kangarilla does exist and is even appearing on the occasional map these days. It is not a creature in an online role playing game although evidence seems to exist to support this theory. It has its very own newspaper, 'Kanganoos' (my Mum produces it), a shop, a petrol station and now even a unique Bed & Breakfast establishment. 

So even though its not very big and a lot of people in Adelaide have never heard of it, to many locals its the Centre of the Universe. Please read on to find out more about this fascinating corner of Australia.


The first lucky pioneer to pass through the area now known as Kangarilla was Edward John Eyre, a 24 year old Englishman engaged in the transport of sheep and cattle from New South Wales to the new colony of South Australia. Apparently he camped in the area in February 1839, three years after SA was founded. The township that sprung up in subsequent years was named "Eyre's Flat" in his honour and by 1843 10 families were officially recorded as living in the area. One of these families was that of William and Ann Smart, my great- great-grandparents.

There are many stories about how it got its final name but we can be pretty certain that it had nothing to do with the mating of a kangaroo and a gorilla as many folks have thought. I grew up being told it was aboriginal for "Place where sheep lay down to rest" in honour of Eyre's passage but since sheep were not native to Australia I very much doubt that the aboriginal people of the region had a name for sheep. Other sources propose that the name derived from Kanggarilla which means 'birthplace' (apparently one of Edward John's girls lambed on the way) or Kangowirranilla which means 'place for Kangaroos and waters'. However the aboriginals did not use the word 'kangaroo' so again I this is dubious. Fortunately someone thought to ask descendants of the Aboriginal tribe who once lived in these parts and it is now believed that it really means "Two waterholes". Whatever the derivation it is far more interesting than 'Eyre's Flat'! 

For more information I recommend the very hard to get hold of "Kangarilla Historical Records".


Kangarilla is located south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula and is 21 miles and 45 minutes from the Adelaide GPO. Despite this close proximity to a city of over a million people, it has managed to avoid encroachment from the suburbs...so far...due to several strategically placed hills. It is located on the edge of both the Adelaide Hills and the Southern Vale regions. Visit here for more information.


Although there was a little silver and lead mining around the area late last century, noted local historian Graham 'Wilbur' Wilson informs me of another industry that put Kangarilla on the map (well almost) in the years of this century. He writes: 

'As you may or may not know the major employment in the district for the first 40 years of the 20th century was the chopping of firewood for supply to the fireplaces of Adelaide. I am sure that a woman with your network of contacts could secure suitable photographs. If not, a reproduction of the 1936 Premiership Kangarilla A Grade Football Team was dominated by professional woodchoppers. In fact, if you were to airbrush a fake suntan and some long hair you would create a 1930's version of Manpower!' 

Sorry to let you down Wilbur but I can't seem to find that picture in my book "Great Wood Chopping Football Teams of the 20th Century, Volume 12". Perhaps you'd like to send me a pic to share with the world?

Grandpas house.jpg (85997 bytes)For the last half of this century Kangarilla has primarily been a farming community. Dairy farming was a mainstay for many years although a few like my Grandfather (his old house is pictured right) diversified into grapes, sheep and fruit. These days we have had an influx of 'new blood' many of whom commute into the city for jobs.


Aunt Amanda's Cottage - yep you can even stay at Kangarilla! My friends Rob and Joylene Edwards have lovingly restored this old cottage as a B&B. I highly recommend it - in fact give it five chakrams ;-)


And some people even go to extremes to visit. Having some problems and want to get away from it all? Then try a Retreat at Kangarilla

Recreation, Activities and Clubs

Kangarilla is actually a pretty busy little sleepy hollow with lots of clubs and activities happening on a regular basis. I should know - between my Mum and Dad I think we have all of these organisations covered.

Kangy is sports mad. Everyone plays something - tennis, football, netball, cricket -  or else is a member of the Kangarilla Pony Club

The core of the town is the Kangarilla Football Club, the Mighty Kangs, play in the Southern Football League. For more information, visit the KFC listing in the online Footypedia or this site for contact information.

(For more information on services, visit the Onkaparinga Community Directory)

We even have a golf course, the Battunga Golf Club, however I would recommend the much more interesting Echunga Golf Club up the road 'cos me Dad's the Captain!click here to return

Mt Bold Reservoir is a popular local recreation area.

And for the more religious minded, we even have a church, a popular spot for weddings.

Fancy a bit of trekking? Then look no further than a Kangarilla based business, Eco Trek. This interesting tour company offers a wide variety of walking, cycling and canoeing tours throughout South Australia and Victoria.

Kangarilla CFS - that's Country Fire Service for the uninitiated. Me Dad's a member. The CFS is a very important cog in the community, responding to both fires and accidents, Its not true that the members just like playing with hoses ;-)

And if you're a retired service person you can join the Kangarilla Returned Serviceman's League.

Other Kangy Links

For my initial education I attended the local Kangarilla Primary School where my Mum still works. It was only tiny then - about 45 students or thereabouts - and although its grown over the years it still seems to maintain that feeling of being a country school. In October of 2000, the school celebrated its 125th anniversary with much excitement and parading through the streets. Congratulations Kangy PS!

Kangarilla also has a number of artists in residence, including Brian Dobson whose paintings of the local area can be viewed on line.

If you get yourself into a bit of a bingle (car accident) while you're there, contact Kangarilla Crash Repairs.

This and many other Kangarilla businesses are listed here.

Finally - wanna see some cattle? I also found this site by some local cattle farmers with some piccies of their pride and joy.

So come visit the jewel of SA and stay awhile. And if you do make sure you look up my folks. Just ask at the local post office - everyone knows everyone around here!

The Kangarilla Kollective

Do you have a website and are you in anyway connected to Kangarilla? If so you've come to the right place!

After joining loads of webrings I've decided to take the plunge and create my own, The Kangarilla Kollective. 

This Webring is for sites that have anything to do with Kangarilla. Your site may mention the town, in detail or in passing. Or perhaps you live in Kangy at present or are a past resident. Maybe you live or own a business on Kangarilla road or perhaps you've just passed through sometime and think its a pretty cool place.

Whatever the case you are welcome to join by clicking here. You will need to join Yahoo if you are not already a member. Come and join in the fun - the more the merrier!

You are also welcome to add the picture above to your webring display (as I have done on the front page).

Welcome aboard! If you have any problems email me and I'll try to assist you despite my meager HTML skills ;-)


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