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Mum's Devotion

My Mum Jenny, the aforementioned Old Green Dragon, is mad about the Adelaide Crows Football Club. Some people might say that she is just plain mad (as this picture taken on Sydney Harbour the day after the Crows beat Sydney in the '98 Semis  could prove) but its really at the footy that she lets it all hang out. Therefore I thought she deserved her own page dedicated to her 'boys'.

Mum and I at the 98 GF.jpg (66132 bytes)Mum at the game is a sight to behold but at least you can be in NO doubt who she barracks for as this picture taken just after the Crows won the 1998 attests. This has gotten her into trouble a few times, especially in Melbourne and especially from Essendon supporters. However she gets her own back, reminding the Victorians that "At least we're not convicts" (see my SA page for an explanation).

Mum's dedication knows no bounds. She went to their first home game when they pounded the Hawks in 1991 and has been a member of the club since their second match. She has been to every one of their finals appearances which is quite an effort, considering in the 1998 finals series alone they played in Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne, and Melbourne in consecutive weeks. She slept out overnight in an underground walkway in order to procure tickets to the 1997 Grand Final. She named her dog Nigel so that she could truly say she was Nigel's Mum. 

Crow Yassy.jpg (73192 bytes)Mum has also corrupted her only grand-daughter and turned her into a fellow groupie at age 8. Yassy's favourite player is Macca (Andrew McLeod) but she likes my Baked Bean Head too. Mum's favourite is "Her Simon" (Goodwin).

Above all this come rain or shine, hail or high temperatures, or nephew's 50th birthday parties ;-) she is there at Footy Park to support her 'boys'. Good onya Mum.

Mum's Boys

Kymmie.jpg (57670 bytes)Mum just adores the Crow Boys. This is the woman who many fellow fans call 'Nige's Mum'; who gets a kiss from Simon every time he sees her; who bought Jars' unwashed shorts in an auction; who goes weak at the knees when Kymmie Koster (pictured) looks at her with his baby blues; who Steven Trigg and many others just know as Jenny. She has also managed to get the players autographs over and over and over again just so she can chat to them.

BBH.jpg (71958 bytes)And here she is gloating over stealing my MAN, Benny Hart! These are just a couple of the MANY pictures Mum has had taken with "her" boys. For more pics, check out her one line photo album, Mum's Crows Pics

Anti-Power Jokes

This is Mum's favourite anti-Port Power joke won her a prize at the Crow's after match shed party a few weeks back. Here it is in her own words:

Mark Williams, coach of Port Power, decided in '99 when he heard that Malcolm Blight was leaving, to go to Malcolm and ask what his secret was about winning two premierships.
He trotted up to Blighty and said "Blighty, what is your secret?   Would you share it with me?"   
"Why not?" was the great one's answer.   "I'll show you what I do.   It's not the physical toughness that wins premierships, it's the mental toughness.  I'll just call Nige.   Nige!"  
"Yes boss".   
"C'mon over."   Nigel Smart comes over.   "Now Nige.  If you father had a son and it wasn't your brother, who would he be."  
"Why me of course," said Nigel.  
"Thanks Nige.  See Mark, that's what you do."   
"Wow, thanks for that," said Mark.

Off down to Alberton went Mark, all fired up.   He called Gavin Wankerneen over, (ooops sorry, Wanganeen) and over came Gavin.   "I want you to answer a question for me Gav. If your father had a son and he wasn't your brother, who would he be?"  
"Gee, that's a bit tough coach.   Can I have a bit of time to think about it?"  
Off went Gavin.  He called Peter Burgoyne over - "Hey Pete.  I've got a question for you.   If your father had a son and he wasn't your brother, who would he be?"   
Peter Burgoyne looked at Gavin as though he was thick (!) and answered, "Why me of course."
"Oh yeah" thought Gavin.  Back he went to Mark Williams. "I've got the answer coach.   If my father had a son and he wasn't my brother, he'd be Peter Burgoyne!"  
Mark Williams looked at him hard and long and shook his head. "Don't be stupid Gavin, if you're father had a son and he wasn't your brother, he'd be Nigel Smart!"

And another...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had their house burnt down and the dwarfs ran off into the forest.    Snow White arrived home after a while to discover that not only was the house gone but so were her little friends.   She wept and wept and wept.    As she was sobbing her little heart out she suddenly heard something coming from over behind a tree nearby.   She crept over and as she got closer she heard "Go Power!  Go Power!"  When she looked, guess who it was?.......

Dopey of course.   Who else would barrack for Port Power?!!!!!



Mum's Special Cause

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