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Cleveland May 01

In May 2001 I attended my first Star Trek only con - "Women of Voyager" - in Cleveland, Ohio. Guests were Kate Mulgrew, Roxann Dawson, Jennifer Lien (Kes), Nancy Hower (Ensign Wildman) and Fintan McKeown (Michael Sullivan of Fairhaven - Janeway's photonic "bit of crumpet"). 

I'll be putting together a report of this Con soon. In the meantime, click on the following thumbnails to see what went down.

Kate Mulgrew


The absolute highlight for me was when I told Kate during the onstage question session what an inspiration Janeway was to military officers and that I now asked myself "What Would Janeway Do?" before making command decisions. She thought that quite amusing. Alas she did not have an answer as to why Harry was never promoted (until the final ep that is) however she more than made up for it by SHAKING MY HAND!!!! As I walked away she mentioned how much she likes Australians. I was on Cloud 9 after my audience with the Captain :-D

Here's the pics I snapped, mostly in line waiting to say hello.

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Roxann Dawson

Oops - just a bit far away ;-)


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For a report on Garrett Wang's appearance in Richmond, Sep 00, click here.




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