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bulletWhat is Aviation Medicine?
bulletThe RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine
bulletOther Military Aviation/Aerospace Medicine Centres
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This page provides a brief overview of my area of specialty, Aviation Medicine, and some useful links. 

What is Aviation Medicine?

Aviation Medicine is

"The medical specialty which is concerned with the interaction between the aviation environment and human physiology, psychology and pathology"

Americans tend to call it 'Aerospace Medicine' as our forays in to space over the last 40 odd years have cause a broadening of some of the concepts associated with Aviation Medicine.

The RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine

wpe34.jpg (102595 bytes)RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine (AVMED), the Centre of Excellence in military aviation medicine in Australia . AVMED was formed at RAAF Point Cook, Victoria in 1960 after its evolution from an aviation medicine training flight and a school. In 1995 it moved to its current location at RAAF Edinburgh.  I was Commanding Officer of the Unit from Jan 1997 to Dec 1999 - its first female CO. 

AVMED's mission is to:Governor-General's banner

"Advance flying safety and human performance through the study, application and teaching of Aviation Medicine and Aviation Human Factors"

It does this by providing teaching, research and development, human factors and clinical aviation medicine services to all branches of the Australian Defence Force.

In January 1999 the Unit's fine record of service was rewarded by the presentation of the Governor General's Banner (right), an honour awarded to Units who have provided outstanding service for 25 years or more.

Other Military Aviation/Aerospace Medicine Centres

bullet USAF  School of Aerospace Medicine (USAF SAM) is located at Brooks AFB, Texas. Its role is to teach this subject to health personnel and also to evaluate aircrew and provide advice on fitness to fly issues via the Aeromedical Consulting Service. This website is extremely useful as you can download  the  USAF Waiver Guide from there.
bulletNaval Operational Medical Institute (NOMI) which includes the Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute and the US Navy Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide on line.
bulletUS Army Aeromedical Center
bulletSociety of US Army Flight Surgeons and US Army Aviation Medicine Association
bulletDCIEM Canada
bulletNASA Aerospace Medicine

Civilian Websites

bulletCASA (Australia)
bullet Virtual Flight Surgeon
bulletAviation Safety Network - all the latest news on aircraft accidents and safety issues.

Professional Organisations


The Aviation Medicine Association of Australia and New Zealand


Aerospace Medicine Association

bulletInternational Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine

The Hellenic Aerospace Medicine Society

For more links, go to the Aeromedical Home Page. This site has links to EVERYTHING avmed including textbooks, courses, and contact names and you can even join myself and many others on the aero-med mailing list. 

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