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Meet the Smarts

wedding.jpg (99378 bytes)I briefly introduced you to my family back on my bio page. Here's the whole gang in our last formal photo together at Jamie and Jayne's wedding at Langley Castle near Hexham, UK, in December 1996 (yep - its even got its own website). From left Nick, WD, Jamie, Jayne, Jenny and David. Not quite the Brady Bunch but quite a tribe anyway.

The Olds

My Dad, David, is a retired farmer, or vigneron as he liked to say when he was feeling posh. My Mum Jenny, aka the Old Green Dragon (OGD), is a School Assistant at Kangarilla Primary School Mum & Dad.jpg (48442 bytes)and is a bit of legend for staging the annual School Concert there for the last 20-plus years. They have been married for 40 years and I was born 9 months and 3 days after the wedding. I personally think they must have been practicing to get it right so quickly ;-) Both are still kicking about and active in the community. In fact they are both so busy that the only quality time they really get together is at Adelaide Crows football games. Mum is a Crow-maniac and so I decided I would create her very own Crows page so that she can show off some of her pics with her 'boys'.

Mum and Dad came to visit me in November 2000 and you can read all about it in the Globe Trotting OGD's web pages ;-)

Jamie, Jayne and Jack

DSCN2541.JPG (363891 bytes)DSCN2558.JPG (418921 bytes)J & J are both doctors and live in Melbourne. Jamie decided to  become a doctor so that he could be just like me when he grew up. Shame he never grew up ;-) Jamie is an Anaesthetist and Jayne is in a  Paediatrics training program. They have two children - Jack, who will be 3 in December, and Tom (right), born in May 2002. 

Nick, Yassy and Jordy

Nick has a Bachelor of Theology and is our internationally famous artiste Nick_and_kids.jpg (57762 bytes) just waiting for the  international acclaim. Nick writes and acts and plays in bands and all sorts of things. He is currently doing a Media Arts Production course and is making some short films. He and I have also been working on another screenplay off and on for many years...Scoring.


yass at the crows.jpg (181696 bytes)DSCN2561.JPG (419343 bytes)Nick has two kids, Yasmin aged 8 and Jordan aged 7. Through a process of progressive brain washing I managed to turn them both into die hard Xena fans as well. Yassy is now also a rabid Crows fan (just like Grandma). She's pictured left at showing her dedication at a rainy match in Brisbane where the Crows got flogged! Jordan is not really into the Crows but enjoys playing soccer in the back yard and doing science things.

My Extended Family

For more on my family's origins and roots, check out my Ancestry page.

Being from a Town Like Kangy, I also am close to my extended family amongst who are some very talented people, including artists, engineers, musicians and computer geeks. None of them have given me any web page links yet but I did go surfing and you can see some of the results of my efforts on my page simply entitled "The Relos". (Relos is an Aussie abbreviation for relatives).

We have also had quite a family of pussy cats over the years. Read about some of their adventures at Pussy Tails.




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