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I've been offline for nearly a year but am finally getting things together again. For what I've been up to in 2002, watch this space for my new website:


Coming soon to Warriordoc Web!

My personal pages 
Hobbies, interests, and background

Xena Rules!
Features the Pasadena 2001 Con

My adventures in the US
Monthly updates of what I've been up to.

The website of the Rwanda Peacekeepers mailing list

Mum's diary of her US Trip
Mum and Dad's trip to visit me, Nov 00
The Contessa's Adventures on the High Seas
Jun - July 2001
A page dedicated to my Star Trek faves

My Photos
Links to all my online albums

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Prior to my site going off line in March 2001, the site had over 1000 hits. Since it was put back up in April 2001, this many brave souls have ventured my way:

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